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    Names in the same vein as Nora and Anna

    I'm expecting a girl in September and my husband and I have started talking names without much to show for it.

    We could both live with the following names (except...)
    Nora - but I'm worried it sounds Irish, and neither of us have any Irish background. Also, I wish it were slightly less popular
    Anna - Love it, but many Annas in our lives and she'll have a cousin named Anya
    Eve - Also a good possibility, but I had a recently deceased cat named Eva, and my husband had an ex-girlfriend named Evie
    Hannah - Doesn't work with the last name, which starts with H.

    Names my husband likes that I don't
    Zoe - Don't know why I don't like it, but couldn't see using it for my daughter

    Names I like but my husband doesn't
    Eleanor - He thinks it sounds too old
    Beatrice - Ditto
    Flora - Although I'm also not sold on this one. Love the name, not sure how it would wear on an adult
    Naomi and Noema
    Ramona - He hasn't totally vetoed this one

    Based on the names my husband doesn't hate, I think we're probably looking for something short and at most two syllables. I'm also hoping to stay away from top 10 names and maybe top 50 or so names.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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