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    Griffin and its variants.

    Ok. So I love the name Griffin. I am still desperately trying to get hubby on board. So far no luck, but I am gonna keep trying.

    The reasons why I love Griffin:
    1. I love names/words from mythology, and the Griffin is one of the most interesting mythological beasts in my opinion.
    2. I love the nickname Griff, and I like the nickname Finn.
    3. Griffin and Luther sound awesome together.
    4. Although I am not normally a huge fan of surnames as first names, this is one that I do love. Luther has origins as a German surname, which honors my hubby's family. Griffin is a common surname in Ireland (correct me if I am wrong) and honors my family.
    5. Not overly popular, but not unheard of either.

    The reasons why hubby seems to be hesitant:
    1. Reminds him of Peter Griffin, The Family Guy. This is a drawback for me too.
    2. "Too Harry Potter" because of Gryffindor. Considering that we both really enjoy Harry Potter, I don't understand why this is an issue.

    That being said, I am interesting in learning your opinions on Griffin. I know there have been threads in the past in regards to it, and I have always enjoyed reading them. I am also curious which spelling or variation you prefer?

    Griffin? Griffith? Gryphon? Griffon? etc
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Luther's little brother November 2015!
    Currently loving: Magnus, Tiberius, Gregor, Corvus and Ulric.

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