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    Oh and Maximus got vetoed... Too big of a name, not a nice vibe....

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    Glad you changed Merrick Isaac back to Merrick Liam, definitely sounds better to my ear as well. I'm not the biggest fan of Merrick myself (sounds too similar to names like Derek and Eric, which aren't my favorites), but I do understand the appeal.

    Callen Thomas is nice enough. I do prefer Callum to Callen, but Callen is a pleasant sounding name. It is a name that's jumping up the popularity list super fast though, so be ready for that. Jumped in to the top 1000 in 2011 at #691, and for 2012 jumped up another 121 spots to #570. That's just two years. Seems to be this could be a top 100 (or higher) name in another couple of years (maybe).

    McCoy I don't like so much. With that capital letter in the middle of it, it just seems way too last-namey. Not a fan.

    Maximus I don't like so much either, sounds too much like maximum for my taste. But I do really really like the name Maxwell.

    Zealand could definitely grow on me, though I think I'd need to give it time to simmer. I like Roland and Leland a lot, so I could see how I could appreciate this one after some reflection time. Which is strange, cuz I usually don't like place-names shifted over to given-names.
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