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    I love Merrick. It's a bit rhymey with Isaac, but both names are great!

    Callen Thomas is a lovely name. The first Callen I ever met was a girl though, so it kinda throws me off.

    McCoy - I agree that Mac and Coy are cute, but I'm really not fond of capital letters in the middle of names and I also agree with pp who said that "real McCoy" will be a constant annoyance throughout his life. It's cute, but I'd avoid it.

    Maximus - the doggy feel is the main reason Max has never made my list, it's a fun name though. What about another Romanesque name: Justus, Leonidus, Matthias, Angus, Argus, Silas, Tobias

    oh, I forgot to respond about Zealand! I love Zealand. Well, I love Zeal and Zealand/Zealen/Zealan seems like a way to make it easier to swallow. Zealand Thomas would be fantastic! Zealand Merrick would be even better
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    Merrick Liam has been your number 1 choice for so long though! What about Callen Issac? Then you can save the safer mn choice for something like Zealand Thomas. McCoy is not my favorite, but it does have a rather cool vibe about it. I really really like Maximus/Max but unfortunately not as a brother to Merrick. I think that Merrick and Callen match up the best in that regard. I could maybe see McCoy and Zealand as siblings too. =]
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    Merrick Isaac does sound very heavy in the "ck" sound, but I think Merrick Liam sounds striking and Ike could still definitely work as a nickname for that!

    Callen Thomas is nice. It's handsome and not overly common, but it also just doesn't stand out to me. So it wouldn't be my choice.

    I think McCoy sounds adorable as a first name! And I sincerely doubt that anyone his age would even know the saying the real McCoy, and the adults who know it will most likely think it's cute, or at least not tease him like children may. I think Mac and Coy are sweet nicknames as well.

    I'm not really huge on Maximus. It sounds very big and strong, and while Max is cute, it sounds rather plain to me. It doesn't so much make me think "dog", but more so "oh, another Max?" ... I wish there was some middle ground between über-masculine Maximus, and cutesy, plain Max.

    Zealand I LOVE. This name is plain awesome, hands down! Definitely my favourite on your list. :3 I think Zeal and Zealy both make adorable nicknames as well. Seeley is one of my favourite names, and Zealy sounds like a spunky twist on it. Seriously, this name is too cute.

    Good luck!
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    Merrick Isaac - Absolutely love it! It is strong, handsome, familiar yet not too popular.

    Callen Thomas - It's nice, but doesn't have the same spunk to me as Merrick Isaac

    McCoy - Love, love, love! It has a very Western feel to me. Handsome and strong

    Maximus - I have really liked this name for a long time

    Zealand - This isn't really my style, but I think it could work!

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    Thanks for the feedback!!!

    I am in board with what most of you are saying, as is my hubby. Merrick Liam sounds better than Merrick Isaac and can still have the nn Ike. So Merrick Liam it shall be

    Callen Thomas is a little plain compared to the other names, so we scratched Thomas for the time being as we try to find something as a mn.

    I as well am not crazy about the capital c in McCoy. But what about Mckoy? We really love this new addition to our list for cute nn Mac and koy and Micky. Husband walks around saying "Mckoy ma boy" so he is very much so on board with this one. We can't find a good mn for Mckoy though. Closest thing we have found that sounds ok is Mckoy Jameson but we think it is a little overboard on the Irish feel.

    I took Zealand off our list for a while bc I was afraid it was too out there and he would get teased or the fam would all hate it. But it is just so adorable and original and most people seem to adore it... So it just had to come back on the list! I mean how cute would a little Zealy be?! Not sure of mn for this one either but we really like th suggestion of Zealand Thomas. Really love Zealand Merrick too, but can't bare to take Merrick from first to middle name!

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