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    Baby Girl!!

    Elouise Birdie was born 4/30/13.
    Sweet sweet baby! Loved getting notified on Birdie and Elouise mentions.
    Although Nameberry members dud nut seem to be on board with the spelling if her first name- we liked it better than Eloise.
    Glad we decided to stick with our spelling.
    Her nickname is Lulu.

    Moms- stick to your guy feeling on naming your child!!!!!! Even if its a different name- or something you think others will not like/ go with it!!!!!
    Also- use that name that you just love but think is not "main steam " enough. Too many parents I know are not brave enough to pull the trigger when it comes to names. Go with it!!!!!!!!!!
    Even thought both of our mothers laughed and seemed confused- they will get over it!!
    Doesn't matter!!

    Good luck!!

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