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    My favorite is Caroline. My favorite nn for Caroline is Callie.

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    I love the idea of Rosemary Jane or Rosemarie Jane! I hope your DH can change his mind about it!
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    Josephine is one of our top names but Julianna and her sister will be 13 months apart, and I have a twin sister, so I'm definitely nervous about people thinking they're twins. We also call Jules Julesie sometimes and worry that Julesie and Josie are just too similar.

    Abigail is my husbands favorite. And I agree, Jules and Abby are great together. But I just have a hang up against it! I'm not sure what it is.

    Unfortunately he won't budge on Rosemary and now he's so in love with Abigail Rosalie seems out.

    Olivia and Sofia are too popular (his words).

    We like Caroline but don't like any of the nick names.

    I love Charlotte but our best friends have been saying for years that if they have a girl it will be Charlotte and she's due a few weeks after me so I could never steal it from them.

    So right now we're between Josephine and Abigail (although he doesn't know I'm considering Abby). I'll keep you updated! Thanks for the help!!

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    Olivia and Sofia are too popular? But he likes Abigail?!?!?!?! They are all top ten. Silly men!

    I agree about Josie sounding too similar. Would you consider Josephine as a middle name? Abigail Josephine? AJ? haha

    I like Rosemary or Abigail with Julianna.

    Have a good weekend.

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