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    Sister for Julianna (Jules)

    I just found out I'm having another girl and we are stuck on what we're going to name her. Our first daughter is Julianna Elizabeth and we call her Jules. What we like in a name:

    -Not too popular but common enough that people will know it
    -Prefer a long name that has a good/recognizable nickname
    -Cutesy nickname is fine, but full name needs to work for an adult. Want to give her lots of options.
    -Middle name is family name (Jane is #1, then Marie, then Catherine depending on how they flow with the first name)
    -Want it to be as feminine, special, and fun as Julianna. Don't want her to feel short changed for being 2nd.

    Some options we've come up with but can't agree on:

    Rosalie (Rosie) - Might be a little too unusual for our taste. Plus it might make people think of Twilight which I don't want.
    Josephine (Josie) - Jules and Josie seems like twin names.
    Abigail (Abby) - Too popular, my husband likes it but it doesn't feel as girly and special as Julianna. I just can't seem to get behind it.
    Gabrielle/Gabriella (Gabby) - Julianna and Gabriella makes us sound Italian (we're not).
    Samantha (Sam) - Too plain.
    Caroline - No real nick name. Don't like Carrie or Cara.

    We also toyed with the idea of Jane as the first name. Full name Jane Marie and call her Janey. But for most of her life she'll just say her first and last name, no middle and then it sounds a little plain compared to Julianna which is a mouthful.

    Are we missing something obvious?

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