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    Sister for Julianna (Jules)

    I just found out I'm having another girl and we are stuck on what we're going to name her. Our first daughter is Julianna Elizabeth and we call her Jules. What we like in a name:

    -Not too popular but common enough that people will know it
    -Prefer a long name that has a good/recognizable nickname
    -Cutesy nickname is fine, but full name needs to work for an adult. Want to give her lots of options.
    -Middle name is family name (Jane is #1, then Marie, then Catherine depending on how they flow with the first name)
    -Want it to be as feminine, special, and fun as Julianna. Don't want her to feel short changed for being 2nd.

    Some options we've come up with but can't agree on:

    Rosalie (Rosie) - Might be a little too unusual for our taste. Plus it might make people think of Twilight which I don't want.
    Josephine (Josie) - Jules and Josie seems like twin names.
    Abigail (Abby) - Too popular, my husband likes it but it doesn't feel as girly and special as Julianna. I just can't seem to get behind it.
    Gabrielle/Gabriella (Gabby) - Julianna and Gabriella makes us sound Italian (we're not).
    Samantha (Sam) - Too plain.
    Caroline - No real nick name. Don't like Carrie or Cara.

    We also toyed with the idea of Jane as the first name. Full name Jane Marie and call her Janey. But for most of her life she'll just say her first and last name, no middle and then it sounds a little plain compared to Julianna which is a mouthful.

    Are we missing something obvious?

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    I agree Jane and even Jane Marie are a little plain next to Julianna Elizabeth (which is lovely). I like Rosalie best from the names you listed. Rosie is a great nn and works well with Julianna/Jules. It seems well matched to me in that they are adult names with endearing Rosie nickname, feminine and special. There are plenty of ways to get to Rosie if Rosalie is not exactly right.
    Rose Catherine
    Rosemary Jane - kind of nice to have a double name like Julianna
    Rosalind Jane/Marie

    I would love to meet sisters Julianna Elizabeth (Jules) and Rosemary Jane (Rosie)!

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    Using Gabrielle with Julianna wouldn't give me the impression that your family was Italian. That -a makes all the difference. Do you favor Gabriella over Gabrielle, because I like Gabrielle with Julianna the best of your original choices.

    Just going to throw several ideas that I have:

    Charlotte (I prefer Lottie, but there is Charlie too)
    Justine / Justina (Tina)
    Cassandra (Cass, Cassie and if you like, the options for Sandra / Sandy)
    Evelyn (Eve, Evie)
    Regina (Reggie, Gina, even Jeanie/Genie --- I adore Jules and Jeanie together)
    Veronica (Vera, Roni, Nic / Nikki) - lots of nickname options, another favorite with Julianna
    Cecilia (Celia, CeeCee, Lia)
    Alyssa (Ally, Lyss)
    Miranda (Lots of nickname options - Randi, Mandi / Mindy, Mira, etc)
    Alexandra (Tons of nickname options - Alex, Ally, Lex/Lexi, etc.)

    And Rosemary / Rosemarie (gives you the Rose/Rosie nickname that you like, and could honor your Marie too) -- Rosemary Jane / Rosemarie Jane is so polished and wonderfully vintage. I love the vibe it gives off with Julianna Elizabeth.

    ETA: I see the pp gwensmom came up with the same idea that I had. I love the point that she made about them both having a double name and love this suggestion even more now.
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    Julianna is beautiful, great choice And for her sister I would pick:
    Rosaline/Rosalind - I see you like Rosalie, these are less Twilight alternatives. I advice not to worry about them being unusual because you hear so many different names today and Rosalie is a familiar one. Rosalind Marie or Rosaline Jane would be lovely.
    Christina nn Chris/Christi/Tina/smith else. Christina Jane? Chris and Jules are so pretty together!
    Camelia/Camilla nn Milly/Lia - love this with Julianna.
    Alexandra/Alexandria nn Alex/Lexi/Sasha/Sadie - again, love it with sister.
    Felicity nn Flick/Licy
    Sienna nn Annie/Sissy - Sissy and Jules sounds like a great sibset
    Penelope nn Penny/Poppy/Nelly - Nelly and Jules, what a dream sister set
    Valentina nn Val/Valya/Tina/Lena. Valentina Jane is sooo lovely.
    Anastasia nn Stacy/Annie/Stasia - as feminine and fun as Julianna.
    Susannah nn Susie/Sue/Anna/Annie - OK, may be a little to close but charming.
    And I am second Miranda. For middle name I would use Jane because it's really beautiful and compliments almost every name.

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    Thank you all so much for your feedback and suggestions!

    Some of these have already been vetoed for various reasons (bad association, already know someone close to us with that name, etc.) and my husband had vetoed Rosemary but I can't remember why. I'm definitely going to bring it up again. I really like the point that they would both have 2-name first names.

    Other suggestions I'll bring up with my picky husband:

    Thank you!!

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