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    Smile Miriam and her middle name possibilities!

    So I posted a thread about Miriam yesterday and got some great ideas for combos. Currently they only show one MN; but no matter what names I use in the future I'll be use two middles name. Probably one to honour my husband's mother too.

    Miriam Estella - honours family members who have passed on due to the use of Estella. As I was always told as a child that they were in the stars. Nicknames could be Miri, Mira, Tess/Tessa (My mum's NN) or even Star. Not Mim.

    Miriam Angeline/Angelina - My mum loves Angelina so that could be used to honour her. Same Nicknames as above, plus Lina or Anna. Not fond of Angie.

    Miriam Aurora - This would also my Mum because when I was little I thought my mum looked like Sleeping Beauty. So it's kind of a childhood memory Because I was envious of how pretty they both were.

    Miriam Emmeline (prn. Em-uh-line) - Emily is my middle name so it would keep the name in the family.

    Miriam Pearl - This has the same meaning as my great great grandmother's name so it could honour her and my nanna's family. It's also the middle name of my paternal great-grandmother.

    These are all I can think of right now. Just looking for general feedback. Thanks Berries!
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    Miriam Estella - I think this is gorgeous! It's my favorite of the options. I like the meaning too.

    Miriam Angeline/a - I personally dislike angel- family of names, so I must respectfully say it's a no for me.

    Miriam Aurora - This is my second favorite. Cute memory makes for a nice name inspiration.

    Miriam Emmeline - I like Emmeline as a name but I think Miriam Emmeline might be too many M's in one combo!
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    Miriam Estella - I like the meaning but, to be honest, not the sound.
    Miriam Angeline/Angelina - oh, this one is lovely! Angelina is a stunning name, espicially if pronounced the Slavic way: ahn-ge-lee-nuh ("g" not likew in Angela but in the word "goat"). Miriam Angeline flows nicely, probably my favorite.
    Miriam Aurora - personally, I don't like Aurora but your memories are just wonderful so I love how it has special meaning for you.
    Miriam Emmeline (prn. Em-uh-line) - both names are beautiful on their own but together they have too many "i" and "m" sounds.
    Miriam Pearl - I prefer Pearl as a first name but Miriam Pearl is so pretty. I love the family connection and if popularity doesn't bother you(I guess Pearl may become a popular middle name one day), it's a nice one.

    My favorite is Miriam Angeline though you can't go wrong with either one.

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    I really love Miriam Estella. So beautiful.

    Miriam Estella Pearl would be gorgeous if you're going with two middles.

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    Miriam Estella is my favourite followed by Miriam Aurora and then Miriam Pearl. The others feel to long for me.

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