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    My cousin has a Julianna and an Olivia, if that helps at all.

    What about:

    Good luck!

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    ooh, Julianna and Olivia are great together: Jules and Liv!

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    I think Rosalie and Josephine both work well with Julianna!
    Other suggestions:
    Cassandra nn Cassie
    Anneliese/Annabel/Anastasia nn Annie
    Charlotte nn Lottie/Charlie/Cate
    Catalina nn Cate
    Vivienne nn Viv

    I like Annabel the best with Julianna! Good luck!
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    I think all of your names are gorgeous. My daughter's name is actually Julianna, too!
    If I had to pick a name for my daughter's sister from your list, I'd definitely go with Abigail. It's classic and I'm in love with the nickname "Abby". If you call your daughter "Jules" then "Jules and Abby" sounds perfect in my opinion.

    Also, go easy on your "picky" (lol) husband. He's going to be greatly outnumbered on many decisions in his life... he deserves a say in this one.

    Good luck!

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    Congratulations! I have 2 girls (Isabella - 4yrs, Leah - 2yrs) and we're currently expecting our 3rd child. We're both hoping for a boy!

    How old is your current daughter? That might help determine whether or not they'll ever be considered "twins" based on a name. Because nobody thinks that my daughters are twins... they couldn't look any different... haha.

    My DH and I prefer family names, so if any of your names have a family base, I'd lean towards that. But from your list, I'd pick Abigail. And to agree with the last posting, Abby and Jules is beautiful!

    Please let me know what you end up going with, because we're running out of girl names... haha.

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