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    I like Luke Giovanni too! If he won't go for Giovanni, how about Luke Gianni?

    I also like:
    Luke Nathaniel
    Luke Emmanuel
    Luke Isaac
    Luke Peter

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    I love Luke Nathaniel! It sounds so handsome. Luke Thomas is a great combo too.

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    Luke Giovanni is great. Does it matter to you that he will have the same first initial as his brother Levi?

    I also like:

    David Giovanni or David Samuel
    Adam Giovanni or Adam Samuel
    Paul Giovanni
    Simon Giovanni
    Mark Giovanni or Mark Samuel
    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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    No, it doesn't bother me that we will have two L initials in the house. Still working on hubby to go with Giovanni for the middle name spot, nit sure why he doesn't want to. Andrew, is nice, but we have a close family relative with that name...
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