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    OK, give me Luke Combos or Other Biblical Combos, please!

    After my thread yesterday hubby and I talked a bit about it. We do like Samuel.. a lot, but neither of us like the nn Sam, at all. This concerns us.. hence we considered moving Samuel to the middle spot... Luke Samuel. Still not "sold". We both like Luke. Other names that were thrown around yesterday:

    Luke Thomas
    Matthew Luke

    Hubby's name is Giovanni... I suggested we put it in the middle spot: Luke Giovanni

    Hubby has vetoed: Asher, Ezra, Elijah, Eli, Ellis.

    Our other boys are :Jonah Joseph, Levi Benjamin and Isaiah Daniel

    O.K. ladies, can you help me come up with some good combos please?
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    I wouldn't use Matthew Luke because it sound like you're reading off the books of the gospels. (Yes, I know Mark is in the middle of Matthew and Luke)

    Luke Giovanni is awesome. Personally, I prefer Lucas and think Lucas Giovanni sounds very dashing.

    Other suggestions:
    Samuel Isaac
    Samuel Jude
    Samuel Micah
    Micah Samuel
    Zachary Samuel /Samuel Zachary
    Luke Josiah
    Samuel Andrew
    Samuel David / David Samuel
    Lucas David / David Lucas
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Love Lucas, but our last name starts with the ES sound (sounds like you are saying the letter S), so I am just not sure how Lucas sounds with that... in my mind it kind of runs together???
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    I love the idea of using daddy's name for your son's middle name. We did that too. It's not as cool or Nameberry worthy as Giovanni, but the sentiment outweighed how the name sounded.I love the strong, simple, classic Biblical name of Luke. I'm biased though because that's our little man :-) Luke Giovanni sounds awesome! Good luck!

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