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    Very Different Names... What do You Think?

    Ok so had a long chat with the husband last night on boys names, and this is what we've come up with-

    Merrick Isaac- originally Merrick Liam (which I loved) we changed mn to Isaac (which I also love) so that we could call him Ike if it fit him.

    Callen Thomas

    McCoy- I was so so surprise he chose this over my other suggestions like Finn and Wilder. But I really love it, and love the nicknames Mac, and Coy. Husband loves the nickname Micky (we love the vintage rat pack frank Sinatra black and white movie feel the nn Micky has.)

    Maximus- I was sooooooo so so surprised when he told me he loved the name Maximus! What do you think of this? I think it is adorable but is it too big of a name for a baby? I think Max is cute too... But is it too much of a dogs name! I am reserved about this one but at the same time love it!

    Zealand- this name came to me in a revelation a few years ago. I know it is a little out there... But at the same time it sounds familiar enough to use. It's unique, without being weird. Has cute nicknames Zea or Zeal or Zealy. What do you think???

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    I love Isaac and like Merrick but together they have too much "k" sound. Callen Thomas sounds like you're "callin' Thomas" to my ears. I don't care for McCoy (the Real McCoy?). Maximus is ok but it makes me think of a gladiator with an overdose of macho swagger. Dogs are given many human names so I wouldn't worry about Max. It's not like you're calling him Fido or something. Zealand would make a quirky mn. What about Merrick Zealand?
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    Merrick Isaac- I agree with Mischa: I love both names, but the endings are too similar for me. I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to call Merrick Liam "Ike", and I like that combo much better!

    Callen Thomas- Not bad. I'm neutral about this one, just because I don't personally love either name.

    McCoy- I think you would get some surprised reactions at first, but I knew a guy named McCord and he got along just fine. Mac is a sweet nickname.

    Maximus- I'm with you, I think it's a big, BIG name for a baby/little boy. Of course he won't be that age forever, but in general, Maximus is too much for me. You could try Maxim/Maksim if the magazine connection doesn't bother you. Or Magnus.

    Zealand- I actually do like this. I think the nickname Zealy is what gets me, and it just sounds so lively and fun (most Z names do, in my experience). You could also try Seeley, which sounds a lot like Zealy. I love Seeley because of David Boreanaz' character on Bones, Seeley Booth
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    Thanks for your thoughts! I was afraid everyone would the Merrick Isaac to be too CK heavy. But as long as Ike could be a nn for Merrick than maybe we will just stick to Merrick Liam

    I think Callen Thomas is handsome but am considering a different mn.

    I know the real McCoy will be a common joke among adults but I don't think kids around the teasing age woul know the phrase. My husband and I think any boy would love To be called McCoy and think it was awesome if people called him the real mcCoy.

    Still on the fence with Maximus. Max is adorable.

    I have always found that even though Zealand is not common, people seem to really like it a lot even if they wouldn't personally use it. I think it is soooo cute especially with a more common middle name. Maybe Zealand Thomas? Zealand Finn?

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    I love Callen Thomas!!

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