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    Alice Evangeline
    Annabel Wren
    Arabella Snow
    Anastasia Rose
    Juliet Noelle
    Rosalind Olivia

    Needs work:
    Eva Madeleine - I am not a huge Eva fan, but beyond that, I feel like Eva pales in comparison to Madeleine, which is so pretty and classic.
    Mirabel Eve - I have the same problem with Eve in this one, though I like Mirabel.
    Aveline Harper - Aveline is so pretty, but Harper is so different in style that they seem odd paired up.
    Amelie Marceline - I really live Amelie - is is like a mash up of Emily and Amelia - but Marceline is meh.

    Melisande Gisele - this combo is just awkward. I think the sounds are too similar.
    Isabella Marie - I think Isabella needs to be over, and Marie is so typical middle name.
    Amandine Fleur - This makes me think of almond flour.
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    I think that since you should keep Annabel or Amabel. Amabel fits in best with the mediveal-ness of Bellicent and Melisande. I do like Mirabel, but that's a lot of bel names. Do you like Mirabai or Edelmira? Or maybe Mirabilis?
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    Thanks !:-)
    I have already drop amandine fleur because you right sounds a lot like almond floor!
    I have drop Melisande Gisele and i'am in search foe new middle name
    Also i'am not sure either for Eva Madeleine .I think I will drop Eva and I will look for another name to compare with Madeleine because Madeleine is a family name and it's mean a lot to me
    I am so in love with Isabella so I can't drop it but I will try to find a more unique name :-)
    I like Isabella Aurore Marie but my mom say it's just to much

    Again thank you all for your wonderful opinions

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    I love Eva Madeleine! Here are my top five from your list.

    1. Eva Madeleine: I absolutely adore Eva. I'm not crazy about Madeleine, but the flow of the whole name is just so sweet.
    2. Annabel Wren: Spunky yet very cute.
    3. Alice Evangeline: Cute.
    4. Juliet Noelle: I love Juliet. Don't love Noelle, but the flow is very pretty.
    5. Arabella Snow: Don't really like Snow, but I love Arabella!
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    Thanks guys!
    I really like edelmira and mirabai! I have never hear them! Their very interesting!
    I agree that there are a lot bel names. I already drop mirabel but I can't decide between Annabel and amabel

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