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    eva madeleine- It's okay, but Eva is getting boring.
    alice evangeline- I've always liked Alice, but Evangeline I feel everyone is using.
    melisande Gisele- I don't know how to pronounce the first name, but definitely different.
    isabella marie- very mainstream
    annabel wren- I loveeee this so much! It's elegant but Wren makes it edgy too!
    mirabel eve- I have never liked the name Eve, but Mirabel is cute!
    arabella snow- I have always loved Arabella and Arabella Sniw sounds like a princess
    aveline harper- cute and different
    anastasia rose- I really like Anastasia, I don't know why but I always loved the flowiness to it Rose makes it old fashioned but I love it!
    amandine fleur- Different, I've never heard Amandine before.
    juliet noelle- pretty name, but it does seen very little girl-ish
    amelie marceline- This is beautiful, I've always loved Amelie.
    rosalind olivia- My name is Olivia, so I do love this. Rosalind is such a pretty name.
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