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    eva madeleine- It's okay, but Eva is getting boring.
    alice evangeline- I've always liked Alice, but Evangeline I feel everyone is using.
    melisande Gisele- I don't know how to pronounce the first name, but definitely different.
    isabella marie- very mainstream
    annabel wren- I loveeee this so much! It's elegant but Wren makes it edgy too!
    mirabel eve- I have never liked the name Eve, but Mirabel is cute!
    arabella snow- I have always loved Arabella and Arabella Sniw sounds like a princess
    aveline harper- cute and different
    anastasia rose- I really like Anastasia, I don't know why but I always loved the flowiness to it Rose makes it old fashioned but I love it!
    amandine fleur- Different, I've never heard Amandine before.
    juliet noelle- pretty name, but it does seen very little girl-ish
    amelie marceline- This is beautiful, I've always loved Amelie.
    rosalind olivia- My name is Olivia, so I do love this. Rosalind is such a pretty name.
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    Well, do you want something to ground it...
    Bellicent Claire
    Bellicent Iris
    Bellicent Ivy
    Bellicent Kate
    Bellicent Lucy
    Bellicent Rose

    ... or something to make it even more enchanting...
    Bellicent Angelica
    Bellicent Lysiane
    Bellicent Ondine
    Bellicent Oriana
    Bellicent Tullia
    Bellicent Yvaine
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    I love bellicent Ondine and Bellicent Angelica!
    Thanks a lot! :-)

    Also I want to thanks everyone who gives their opinions! You guys are great! :-)

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    I like Mirabel and love Aveline.

    I discovered I cannot use Aveline for my baby-to-be as it is the French form of Hazel (and I already have a daughter named Hazel!).

    Also, Amandine Fleur just makes me think of baking - sounds close to almond flour in French!

    Good luck and best wishes!

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    I have no idea about the fact that Aveline is the French form of hazel!
    Thanks a lot :-)
    I also like Mirabel but I think I have lots of names ended in belle/Bella!
    So guys what you prefer?
    Bellicent (my new crush thanks to ottilie :-) )

    Also new suggestions of names are also welcome my list is just getting shorter!

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