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    Smile update girl list

    after hard decisions my new list is

    eva madeleine
    alice evangeline
    melisande gisele
    isabella marie
    annabel wren
    mirabel eve
    arabella snow
    aveline harper
    anastasia rose
    amandine fleur
    juliet noelle
    amelie marceline
    rosalind olivia

    i need your opinions guys what should i keep ?what i need to drop?
    alsp suggestions of new names to put on my list are welcome

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    Very pretty list you've got going there... Frilly, feminine, princessy names. I like that... you've got a definite style

    I will say that I love your first name options. Particularly Anastasia, Annabel, Amelie, Mirabel, and Rosalind.

    Not too sure about some of your mn options... Melisande Giselle doesn't flow quite so well, but your last name also plays a role in that, so it might be ok. I'm not a big fan of Harper, Snow, or Wren and I feel like they seem out of place with some of your other options.

    You have a lot of "el/ella" names... Annabel, Mirabel, Arabella, Isabella... if you're looking to narrow the list down, figure out which one you love the most, and cut the others. Personally, I would keep Mirabel and Arabella.
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    You have some awesome names on this list!

    My top 5 from your list are:
    1. Rosalind Olivia - very beautiful!
    2. Annabel Wren - Love that you have a classic, feminine first and a spunky middle!
    3. Anastasia Rose - Love it, but I may be a little biased as Anastasia is my middle name
    4. Alice Evangeline - Alice is beautiful and classic and Evangeline is gorgeous!
    5. Aveline Harper - Aveline is a gorgeous name that I just recently learned about and it goes well with the spunky middle you chose

    These are the five I would keep!

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    I like a lot of names on your list!
    I would keep:

    eva madeleine
    alice evangeline
    mirabel eve
    anastasia (would change the mn to or wren)
    rosalind olivia

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    thanks a lot guys
    i will drop arabella snow
    i will change anastasia rose to anastasia wren
    how about melisande fleur or melisande alys?

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