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    bellerose - I prefer Melisande Fleur to Melisande Alys.

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    Wales, UK
    ~ Alice Evangeline
    ~ Annabel Wren
    ~ Anastasia Rose

    ~ Eva Madeleine
    ~ Melisande Gisele
    ~ Isabella Marie
    ~ Mirabel Eve
    ~ Arabella Snow
    ~ Aveline Harper
    ~ Amandine Fleur
    ~ Juliet Noelle
    ~ Amelie Marceline
    ~ Rosalind Olivia

    Some suggestions:
    ~ Evelyn (I pronounce it ev-uh-lin)
    ~ Melody
    ~ Maria
    ~ Evie
    ~ Amara
    ~ Flora
    ~ Juliette (I prefer this spelling - nickname "Etta"?)
    ~ Amelia
    ~ Rose/Rosie/Rosa/Rosalie
    ~ Mia

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    i love juliette ,amelia ,rosalie
    how about
    juliette noelle/juliette cordelia nn liette or etta
    amelia winter /amelia madeleine /amelia brownen nn mila or mia
    rosalie hope/rosalie eve/rosalie grey nn roo or rosie

    i will also drop amandine neither i like it

    thanks a lot
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    How do you feel about Belisent/Bellicent? It's got the same rare medieval feel as Melisande and it would get you to Belle/Bella nicknames. Bellicent is featured in the Arthurian Romances, usually under the name Morgause. She's King Arthur's half sister and mother to Gareth and Gawain (two of the major hero's in these legends). I do believe she's mentioned by this name in Alfred Lord Tennyson's "The Idyll of Gareth & Lynette"; she's kind of a clingy mother (her youngest son Gareth wants to be a knight but she doesn't want him to as he's her youngest son. So she says you can be a knight if you spend a year and a day as a kitchen servant, and he does to her surprise, becomes a knight and defeats a whole bunch of bad colourful knights and marries Lyonesse. Okay, history lesson over.) but cool all the same. I really like the name, it's on my short list for future Babas.
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    Thanks Ottilie:-) I love the name belisent /bellicent!
    I always wanted a more unique name to get the nn Bella and this name is perfect!do you have any suggestions of middle names because right I can't think anything that flows well, please:-)
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