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    I need an alternative to Imogen!

    Since I was young, I've always said that if I had a daughter, I'd name her Imogen. Never been sure why, but I've loved it for a long time.

    I'm the first in my social circle to fall pregnant, so I don't know a lot of young children, and I've been sitting comfortably thinking that Imogen was a bit of a rare gem. BUT recently I've found out that Imogen was the 32nd most popular name in England and I just can't get over that I signed up here a few days ago and decided to let myself think it over, but I'm now sure that I can't bring myself to use a name that's so common. I suppose there's just a niggling feeling in me that wants something at least a little bit original.

    So I think I'm going to go with Imogen as a middle name. Meaning for the first time, I now have to actually have to start thinking about girls names! Very nerve-wracking for me but also quite exciting.

    Hoping you guys can help me here. Some other names I like (which also seem to be quite popular) are Georgia, Phoebe, Florence & Annabel. I suppose I like classic names, but I also like names that have a little bit of edge to them. I'm hoping to find something that's not in/close to the top 100 and I'm willing to search for it! I'm open to ANY suggestions. Names to honour: Elizabeth, Rose, Ida, Peter or George would be lovely, but not necessary.

    Oh, and if 'it' is a he, he'll probably be Rowan Jasper, or at least that's what I like for a boy right now!

    Thank you all for getting through my long post
    Jilly x

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