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Thread: Nathaniels...

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    I've never known a Nathaniel myself so I can't answer that question. When I was about 20, Nathaniel was one of my favourite names and when I was imagining what my Nathaniel would be like, I pictured a redhead (possibly because the first Nathaniel I ever heard of was the one on Promised Land, or possibly because I had a big crush on Rupert Grint at that time in my life, hahaha), and bookish. I don't think I would have said "wimpy", because I don't find Daniel or Nathan to be wimpy, but I do think they're soft and smooth... this is a good thing.

    I definitely don't think Nathaniel would be wimpy, but for some reason, I don't really picture a jock being named Nathaniel... however, Nathaniel easily lending itself to Nate, I see that as a more "athletic" name, but obviously a Nathaniel could be an athlete, a math wiz, an artist, an adventure-seeker, or anything else. Each kid is an individual, and I've never come across any name where *everyone* I've met with that name has been exactly the same. I had 12 students named Mikel last year and each one was very distinct.
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    My little cousins name is Nathaniel, and he is the sweetest kid on earth!

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    We have friends who just had a Nathaniel and he is darling! Of course, he's only a month old.

    I knew several Nathaniels when I was teaching. One was somewhat handicapped but the toughest (in a good way) and most determined boy I ever had in any class. I cherish the letter he wrote me to this day. Another was a kind and thoughtful little guy who grew into a kind and thoughtful teenager.

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    My cousin is Nathaniel and I know a little Nathaniel both called Nat. My cousin I haven't seen for years as he lives in Melbourne but the little one is crazy.

    Its still a great name.
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