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    Today I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing names for children. I'd told him I already had my names picked out, so he asked me what they were.
    As soon as I mentioned Nathaniel, he responded with: "No, no, no, noooooo. Don't name your son Nathaniel. Don't do it."

    I asked him why, and explained why I loved it so much, and he told me that every Nathaniel he'd met or heard of had been - in a nice way to say it, a wimp/punk. He then mentioned three Nathaniels that he'd known over the years, and I unfortunately couldn't argue against it because I know of a Nathaniel who was a bully yet turned out to be cowardly.

    I'm very curious to the personalities of other Nathaniels people have met, or known. Any other personality profiles that match? Or that differ?

    I'm actually really tempted to cross Nathaniel off my list because of the high occurrence of negative personalities that seem to follow the name. Which would suck because I seriously adore the name, the look, the sound, the nicknames, the meaning, everything.
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