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    I have to just say that Adryana would be a very pretty name for a Dryad character (female tree nymph). In fact, I may "borrow" this name in the future. Putting it in my character name bank right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I think that's an awesome idea. I could totally see it working as the name of a desert like ancient or fantasy kingdom.
    Kingdom of Adryahnia.
    Exactly, lol. I'm putting together a fantasy story and I can see it in use as the name of a city, or ocean.
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    I can see the beauty in it. It feels like Illyria. Ancient but timeless. I think it's stunning in theory but it'll be perceived as trendy and cause spelling problems as well as some teasing.

    I couldn't decide if it was "Ad ryan a" or "A dry ana".

    And don't ever worry, we're all mad here.

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