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Thread: Adryana...

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    I second Adriyana or Adriana

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Aside from looking kree8tiv in the worst way, the -y changes the pronunciation from Ah-dree-ah-nah to Ah-dry-yannah. Y's and I's are not interchangeable. It isn't the same name.
    I agree with Augusta Lee, it makes the pronunciation a little confusing.
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    When I look at Adryana, all I see is the word "dry."

    LOL to hiding in shame at Adriyana. Adriyana is slightly better than Adryana (as I hide in shame for saying it), because of course, Adriana is ideal.
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    I like Adriana. The other spelling is kind of messed up

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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    Having the word "dry" in it is enough to sway me, you have succeeded! Perhaps I'll throw it into a story idea for use. :P
    All I can see is "A dry..."
    I think that's an awesome idea. I could totally see it working as the name of a desert like ancient or fantasy kingdom.
    Kingdom of Adryahnia.
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