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  • Max Ross

    4 4.55%
  • Maximus Ross

    12 13.64%
  • Carter Ross

    18 20.45%
  • Rocco Ross

    5 5.68%
  • Roman Ross

    16 18.18%
  • Jacob Ross

    30 34.09%
  • Jed Ross

    3 3.41%
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    I love Roman and Jacob, but Jacob is ultrapopular and pretty boring now. Roman is fresh and exciting!
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    I would have voted Max Ross, but it doesn't flow very well, so I voted Maximus Ross.

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    What I was going to say!

    Quote Originally Posted by ysaline View Post
    I, too, like Roman Ross and Jacob Ross best. I voted for Roman just because Jacob is extremely popular, but if popularity doesn't bother you then Jacob Ross is a good combination and I love the nickname Jake.
    Exactly what I was going to say!

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    If flow is super important to you (it isn't to me) then I guess Jacob would be the pick. Just going off names I love Max best. I also love Ross.

    So Max Ross takes me vote.

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    javad Guest
    If Maxwell Ross was on the list, it'd definitely get my vote. I don't much like Max or Maximus, but Maxwell is great. Or if instead of Rocco you went with Roscoe, that'd get my vote (not over Maxwell though). As it now stands though, I'm actually voting for Jacob, cuz I don't really like the others much (not the biggest fan of Jacob either actually). I want to like Roman (I like quite a few names with similar sound qualities to it--- Rowan, Ronan, Roland, Nolan, Olin....), but Roman just sounds so much like 'someone from Rome' that it feels weird to me as a name, to me.

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