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Thread: TMI - 36 weeks

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    TMI - 36 weeks

    Hi, wondering if anyone on here has experienced this or knows anything about it before I call my midwife -

    I'm 36 weeks pregnant today with my first child. I've been having more frequent/stronger Braxton Hicks for the past week or two, but that doesn't seem unusual to me at all...

    Just a few minutes ago, I peed, and when I wiped, there were two small spots of brownish/pinkish mucus on the paper. But they were very small, and nothing came after that.

    I'm wondering if I need to call the midwife, since I am still preterm? I know it says don't call once you're past 37 weeks if it's just a few spots, but is this problematic this early on? (If I do call, they might send me into the hospital for a cervical check, since they won't be there for the rest of the weekend. I'd like to avoid this if it's completely unnecessary).
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    I wouldn't worry yet. At 36 weeks your baby should "drop" and engage in the pelvis soon, if they haven't already. When this occurs you will feel an increase in pelvic pressure, intensifying and more frequent B-H contractions, and might have a bit of spotting. The amount of bleeding you described is not alarming (assuming you have normal placentation).
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