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    @moonkai- We have considered it as a first name, and we were planning on using Eily for a long time, but pronunciation and spelling issues make me nervous. We do plan to call her Eilonwy or Eily as a pet name, and if she chooses to go by that name, fine. I just want to give her a recognizable, easy to pronounce name up front.

    I think our top two names are Sage and Tabitha right now. We love Callie, but it is very similar to my son's middle name. Wren is really there mostly because of me. DH doesn't like it as much. It does make a really good middle name though.

    I feel so much better about our choices now, and I can't thank all of you enough for your help! I am going to close this thread now, just because I don't want it to keep popping up and taking space from other threads. Thanks!
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