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    Thanks again everybody! I feel a lot better about my name choices. I agree that Sage is a bit unisex, but it has always skewed girl to me. The reason I like it is because of sage brush. I try to go to the mountains at least once every year, and more if I can manage. I love the smell and look of the sage. It has pretty yellow flowers all over it, and the first thing I do when I get there is take a deep breath and enjoy all the smells again. While I've never actually lived in the mountains, they have always felt like home kwim? So, Sage has a lot of meaning for me, plus it just feels feminine. I do like it on boys too though.

    As far as name flow goes, I'm ok with it being a little off. Meaning and importance of a name trump flow in my opinion. Plus, the names aren't going to be said all together more than a few times in her life. Neither my husband nor I have ideal flow in our names, and it's never been a problem. I avoid things that sound ridiculous, but name flow is way down on my list of things to worry about ;-)

    @ ottilie- That's interesting that the name has other origins. I've searched all over for more info on Eilonwy, and the only thing I can find is that it was made up by Lloyd Alexander. I'll have to do some more research. Nice to meet a fellow Prydain fan ;-)

    Oh and as far as Lindee and Emma go, I don't think they are terrible names or anything, just not for me. I guess I am a little bit hippie at heart ;-) I love nature and names that give me a specific feeling or mental picture. There are a lot of very nice names out there, but they just don't bring a picture to mind the way these names do. I picture a slightly different child with each name. That's why I'm having such a hard time with boy names. There are a lot that I like, but none that give me a special picture or feeling. I just can't see any of them on my child.
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    I love Tabitha Eilonwy! I hope you use it. Tabitha is so cute but works well on an adult too. It sounds like Sage is going to stay on top anyways though, eh? Sage is nice too and I like your description of why you like it. I've lived up in the mountains and I love the sage brush as well.

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    I like Tabitha and Callie, don't care for Sage or Wren, and prefer Hope and Joy as middle names, but none of them are what I'd deem terrible at all. They're all legitimate names, with the correct spellings, and on the right gender (well, Sage is unisex). Nothing about them at all I'd call terrible. I'd actually say Lindee was more 'terrible' than your names as it's got a very trendy spelling to it and I've only ever heard of Lindy as a nickname for -Lind/Linda names.

    I'd tell your mom it's your baby not hers and you're going to give her a name you and your OH love and everyone else can either like it or lump it. Your mom's had her own chance to name her own kids with her own style and now it's your turn to do the exact same thing.

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    I like Tabitha Eilonwy! the flow isn't perfect but I just like to two names together. Are you not thinking about using Eilonwy as a first name (amazing!). LOVED the prydain chronicles as a young girl!
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    Nothing wrong with these names! The only one I don't really like is Wren. Callie is my favorite!
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