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    I love Tabitha.
    Wren is pretty nice.
    But I'm not a big fan of Sage.
    But none of these are terrible by a long shot!
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    The names you have chosen are absolutely darling! I'd be delighted to meet a little girl with any of those names.

    My parents didn't like that my brother's son was to be named Phenix when he was in utero. As soon as he arrived they fell madly in love with the name and can't imagine him being called anything else. Once there is an adorable bundle of joy to associate the name with it becomes easier to fall in love with a name. I hope that is the case with your mother too!

    Best wishes!
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    I love every one of your choices. Just tell mom to back off!
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    Think I agree with roseymaam; Sage Eilonwy and Hope Eilonwy flow the best spoken and on paper (or a screen :P). I LOVE the name Tabitha, but I think it would suit better with a shorter middle. As the middle's decided... yeah.
    In agreeance with what jazz1509 said, everyone has different opinions about different names. If it offends her that much, would it be possible to find a nickname she likes? That has the added effect of giving your child a 'special bond' with her grandmother.
    (As an aside, I think your names are far superior to those your mother's picked out. Emma's far too popular, and has the E. E. initials with Eilonwy, and Lindee's just not my cup of tea at ALL.)
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    I love Tabitha and think it is a great counterpart name to Everett some of your other choices feel a bit nicknamey or short. But none of them are as crazy. Your mother is implying.

    Two of my cosins just had babies and my mother really disliked both names when she first ad them. Now she loves them both - it took her three days. When she asked what I would have chosen and I rattled of my signature she literally went from searing to laughing out loud because she thought they were all sooooo awful. She couldn't understand why Sophia (which is so of a family name) didn't make it on my list. She's now informed me she's going to start a naming campaign to change my mind. Note that at this point I'm not pregnant or TTC so it's all rather ridiculously humerous. So you're not alone in the 'my mom hates my choices' camp. Your list is great don't let her opinion get you down, and don't change anything you and your husband don't want changed because of external pressures. Cyber hugs.

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