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    Sage gets my vote as well, though really all of them are great. I'm not a fan of Tabitha, but I think that's just due to personal connections. I can see the appeal. Callie, to me is a nn. Calista nn Callie maybe? I kind of like Calista Eilonwy Sage. It's so easy to let our family's opinions get in our head, isn't it? Best of luck and just remember your mother will love the name once it's attached to her own beautiful grandchild!
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    I think your mom is being difficult, though I must say I really have no fondness towards Sage on a girl at all. I just start feeling itchy and annoyed when I hear it on a girl.

    I really enjoy Hope though.
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    I like your names. Lindee and Emma? O_o Lindee is just.. odd to me, and Emma isn't too exciting. Maybe you could compromise with her, and use Emma/Lindee as a middle name; that way she could use it as her special pet name for her (which, IMO, would be kind of adorable).

    And yes, she is being rather difficult. My grandparents had a hard time coming to terms with my brother's name (which is admittedly odd) and asked if they could call him 'E.J.' (his first/middle initials). My parents said NO, they got over it, and 20 years later happily call him by his given name (just like everyone else). So you COULD just put your foot down, and she'll get over it when she realizes that her granddaughter is more important than her granddaughter's name.

    As far as fitting Emma into your names goes, Emma Eilonwy as a double middle name would kinda work with most of your first name options.

    Also, if you used Calinda, you could call her Callie, and she could call her Lindee.
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    I like your names, I think they are modern, soft and have a nature type feel.
    Your mum is perhaps not realising that these days many children have more unique names.
    Emma is classic- but not your style at all.
    Lindee sounds more like a 55yo nurse.

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    Your mom is being difficult. You have some great names on your list. Eilonwy has always been a favorite of mine as well. I love pp's suggestion of Callista Eilonwy Sage! IMO Tabitha and Sage sound the best with Eilonwy, though I do like your other choices as well. Wren is adorable, and Callie is dear to my heart as it's the name of my best friend (short for Callista in her case).

    @east93: Sage on a boy drives me nuts! I've only ever met female Sage's and just can't imagine a male Sage.
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