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    I love your names! Sage and Wren are great, Tabitha is one of my all time favourites and i've always had a big soft spot for Callie. Once the baby arrives and your mum has bonded with her (if it is a her) then she'll love her name, whatever it is! She's being massively awkward, its really naughty of her. Don't worry, all your names are really good and strong. And Lindee is awful imo!
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    I'll be blunt. Eilonwy is definitely weird but I'm sure you already know that. Pairing it with Sage or Wren makes a very weird/hippie-ish combo. Callie is nicknamey and since your son's mn is Callan it's a bit redundant

    I personally prefer nature names, like Sage and Wren. Although I don't like either, Emma and Tabitha are a great fit with Everett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whit32 View Post
    The middle name will be Eilonwy (eye-LAWN-wee). She is our very favorite female literary character, and a name we just can't let go.
    It's 'ay-lon-wee' if it's as Welsh as it looks! Like Eira is (ay-ra).

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    I love all your names! Don't worry!

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    I love Sage!! Its definately my favourite from your list and I think it flows best with your middle name choice! My second choice would be Hope then Tabitha. I'm really not a fan of Wren as a full name... I like it only as a nn for Florence and Callie I love but only as a nn too.. I love Calypso, Calliope, Calista. I don't think your names are too out there! Though I guess I'm a fan of names that are a little quirky!

    Having given my opinion...My advise would be to choose a name you love with all your heart... And don't worry about others opinions I've learned that EVERYONE's got one when it comes to baby names but at the end of the day it's your daughter! You will know in your heart what her name is when you meet her I am sure!!!

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