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    I think the names are beautiful! My favourites are Sage Eilonwy or Wren Eilonwy. Looking at your signature I see your sons name is Everett, I think Everett and Wren would be a great sib set. I also love the literary connection with the middle name, my husband and I chose middle names that have personal meaning to us and my eldest middle name Hope is the name of a character from my favourite book

    When you name a baby someone will always dislike the name you choose because everyone has a different style or criteria they think a name should fit. Plus the world would be a very boring place if everyone liked the same names! Your Mum will adjust and come to love the name even if she doesn't like it at first because she will love her grandchild
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    Your mother's suggestions are a total snooze-fest compared to your choices. Stand strong!
    My mom can hardly pronounce my children's names (she's Mexican) but never gave me any grief about them.
    I'm sure once the baby is born and the name is finalized, she'll back off and embrace it.
    I think Sage Eilonwy is the best of your selections. By far!
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    I definitely like Sage or Wren the best. And no, you're not crazy, you and your mom are just suffering from generational gap. I fully expect my mother and I to do the same thing when it's time for my SO and me to pick names… or really make any decision that has to do with our kids. So hang in there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mge28 View Post
    I don't see anything wrong with the names. They're not really my style, but there's nothing wrong with them. I've never heard Eilonwy before. I really love it! Sage Eilonwy is the best, to me. Tabitha Eilonwy is too long, and sounds too "medieval witch" to me. Callie Eilonwy is too L and "ee" heavy. Wren Eilonwy is too W and N heavy. Sage Eilonwy is just perfect!
    Seconded. Sage Eilonwy is my favorite of your choices too. My next favorite would be Hope. (on their own, I like Callie and Joy- but I don't think they sound well with Eilonwy)

    Remind your mom that she got her chance to name her own kid(s) and now it's your turn!
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    Tabitha and Sage flow the best with Eilonwy (which I love by the way.) I love all your choices, and they are definitely not too weird. I learned to not even discuss names with my Mom... she hated Rowan at first because it sounded like a last name and it was too "out there" and it really hurt my feelings when she dissed it. But I've come to the conclusion that Mom's are just naturally over critical of their children's choices and are trying to help in some backwards, annoying way.
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