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    Sorry you hate Anton so much. I think you need to ask your husband to sit down with you and have a rational conversation about how you feel about the name. Don't ambush him with a "we need to talk now" but ask if you could set some time aside tomorrow evening to discuss how you feel about Anton's name, that this is really important to you and you really would like for both sides to talk about it as calmly as possible. He won't say "sure lets change the name" but at least you have a chance to really talk about it.

    Since it's one of my favorites and I really dislike both Ant and Tony I've been trying to come up with other nn's. So far it's only Ton, Tonto (the second I actually could see using while he's small) and initial based nn's like TJ or TC or something. Sorry this is so tough on you.
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    Does the nickname Tony do anything for you? I find it handsome and underused in this generation. Much more distinct than Lucas...but my favorite from your list would have to be Roman, so maybe I'm not one to ask...

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imogeneve View Post
    But I think for him to fully embrace his own name, then you have to fully embrace and love it. You don't want him cringing at his own name.
    Thanks everyone for your replies, I enjoyed reading all your great suggestions. This quote really struck a cord as this is a concern to me, I want him to be proud of his name, but if I am not then there's a real problem.

    I like the NN Andy, its cute. I never intended on resorting to a NN as personally I am not a fan and wanted to call any child I had by their name, not a NN but given the situation a NN is in order. I will try it out.

    Adding Lucas as a second middle name is a consideration, I just feel awful about it thinking in time I will have to explain to him why I added it months later. On one hand I feel like I am botching up his name by doing so, but on the other I hope to find some peace doing it and another option for him should he choose to go by another name later in life. I also wonder if the name Anton is just a reminder of all the anxiety I had, like Roman. The name Roman now just reminds me of all that stress and I have no regrets not using it. If I named him a name I didn't stew over for weeks/months I might not feel this way today.

    My husband does know how strongly I feel about this.

    The name remorse of the cat story brought a smile to my face. Yes its not quite the same as naming a person but I appreciate the empathy in name remorse. I am hoping he will grow into the name, just like the cat did thought it would have happened by now.

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    Do you like Anthony more than Anton? Or might Tony as a nickname work? Perhaps your husband will let you add Lucas as a 2nd middle name. Anton ____ Lucas and you can call him Lucas.

    Sorry you feel this way. This is just another good reason for me to strongly believe in having names picked out in advance. Pregnancy hormones can make you crazy and I'd hate to have regrets. We had our son's name picked out for 2 solid years before he was born and it never wavered from the top spot on our list. Girls names, however, I am completely indecisive about, which makes me resist pregnancy until I can pick one...

    Good luck! I hope you can either fall in love with his current name, or compromise with your husband into amending it.
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