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    Yes! It seems all the others bugs have been pretty much sorted but I would really like to edit my lists. I can add names to the list but once they're there I can't touch them or move them. I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon though
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    It's funny because before I couldn't use the tab thing to add them right from the page the name comes from, but now it's the exact opposite: you can't edit the lists manually. Right, I would totally love to actually name my lists so I can distinguish between them when adding names, but at least I can still add the names in the first place I'm on internet explorer- would it make a difference if I were to use a different browser?
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    I having this problem as well. I contact nameberry about it last week and still no reply. I've tried on multiple browsers.
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    Just bumping this up as I am having this issue, too, and I would really like for it to be acknowledged and resolved. I've tried on multiple browsers as well, both desktop and mobile. It's disappointing to see that it's been reported as an issue for so long, yet no update on a fix or workaround. I've also contacted support but haven't heard back yet. This is a feature we all use and love -- one of the key elements of a site like this one is to be able to save and organize our favorite names. Not having this feature is sort of a deal-breaker right now.

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    Thank you @fclaire, I am glad you brought this up again. I would really love to start making name lists on here, but I can't. It is quite frustrating. I keep trying....
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