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    Anneliese (anna-leeza) is the spelling I'd use but that won't help your pronunciation issue :/ I've never heard it pronounced 'ah-na-leese' before. Even when the last 'a' gets lopped off in English I still hear 'anna-leese'.

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    I really loved this name as an option for my last baby before we found out he was a boy. We were stationed in Germany at the time so I was talking to my brother over instant messenger and was telling him the top names for a boy and top names for a girl.

    When I sent Analiese/Analise through, he asked how to pronounce it and told me that when he said it out loud, all he could hear was anal ease. Crossed it off pretty fast. lol.

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    I have only seem it spelled Anneliese, but I suppose Annelise would work as well. I wouldn't spell it Analise even if it didn't make a word you don't want in a name.
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