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    What do you think of Nolan? Suggestions?

    I have been really struggling to find a boys name that I love (I'm 32 weeks). Any names that I like either don't work with our last name or I don't like the nickname associated with the name. Eg. I like Trenton. But our last name ends in 'ton'.

    Nolan is one name that I have liked ever since my husband suggested it a few months ago.

    What I'm worried about:
    1. Not sure if I LOVE it - or am I just afraid to commit?
    2. It has been gaining popularity and I imagine it will creep further up the top 100 (#93 in 2011). It's even more popular in Canada, where we are, though I haven't heard it anywhere.

    If we go with Nolan, baby's full name would be Nolan James (after my dad). I LOVE this combo, but I realize the mn will rarely be heard.

    So, what are your thoughts on Nolan? Any other suggestions for me? I'm looking for your opinions!

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    I really like Nolan and Nolan James sounds great! I don't think this is a name that will skyrocket in popularity - more likely to stay steady.

    More suggestions:

    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Do you like James Nolan? Just wondering since you're concerned about James not being heard.

    Otherwise, Nolan James sounds great to me.

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    I think Nolan James is a great name!
    If you are too scared to commit, don't! There is nothing wrong with waiting until you meet your baby to make your final decision Also #93 is not excessively popular so unless you never want him to ever meet anyone with the same name I don't think that will be a problem.
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    Nolan James is a very nice combo

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