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    I love, love, love the name Avery for a girl. Avery Josephine Birdie is fabulous and I think the name Colton is the perfect choice for you and your husband.

    As far as name discussions with MIL, if you HAD to say something, mention people you might like to honor, but no specifics. When DH and I were expecting our first, we told everyone it would be Lionel Lloyd if it was a boy and Lorelei Lee if it was a girl - our last name is Little. Everyone was horrified and pretty much left us alone for a while.

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    Hi eperkystone!

    I started to reply when you first posted, but lost connection and just now found you again!

    Colton Clifford Virgil - I know that you changed it from Cole to Colton to sound better w/ Stone, but I think the -on ending is just as bad. What about Nicolas or Olivier? I love Clifford AND Virgil though!

    Walden Thomas William - I love all three of these, especially Walden as a first name!

    I think I would mix up the initials between your names a little (CCVS and WTWS). What about Walden Thomas Virgil and Clifford Nicholas William?

    Avery Josephine Birdie - Honestly, the association of Avery with birds is pretty clear, so I don't think you have to give her both names formally. Ava Jo or Birdie would both be adorable nns for Avery Josephine.

    Rosemary Adelaide - this name is beautiful! My only hesitation is that she would have a noun first and last name: Rosemary Stone. What about Rosemarie or Adelaide in the first slot?

    Boy suggestions from your female relatives' names: August, Augustus, Liam, Andrew, Anderson

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    I had the same problem with keeping names a secret. Everyone in my family just wants to know what you are thinking about because they love names and thinking about them. So with my son we really tried to keep the name a secret until we were for sure what we were going to use. We just told everyone we could not decide for sure or we would throw out a name we thought about but already cut from the list and did not tell our top contenders. We decided on my son's name about a month before he was born which was good because he came early and it was a very crazy day when we went into the hospital. I am glad we did not have to argue about a name or try to scamble to try to find something fast before we left the hospital. We weren't really planning on deciding on the name so soon though. We were just going to take a list of our top 3-5 combos to the hospital and in the process of making that list we inadvertantly decided on the name. LOL! Now enough about me and onto your list....

    Colton Clifford Virgil St0ne
    I love the family signifiance that you are doing. I did the same thing for my son. I would maybe swap the two middles though so it would be Colton Virgil Clifford Stone so that the CC thing would not make most people tongue tied and I just think that they sound better this way.

    walden thomas william st0ne
    I much prefer endings to sound similar over the same beginning sound or beginning letter for siblings. I think this one just as well as the first for the same reason. I like this better though because you broke up the W names with Thomas.

    avery josephine birdie st0ne
    I think its a nice touch but the syllubals is throwing off the sound for me. you have 3-3-2 I would much prefer a 3-2-3 better for flow but Avery Birdie is too EE at the end. I like Avery Berta Josephine. You could still use Avery Jo, Birdie, Birdie Jo, or Ava Jo in my opinion.

    rosemary adelaide st0ne
    I love Adelaide but I would use it as the first name Adelaide Rosemary Ann Stone. I just think that Dela Rose would be a great nn.

    I like these two other family names:

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    Colton Clifford Virgil St0ne -
    This name is great, it's handsome and masculine. Every Colton I have ever met has been an sweet guy who has excellent manners!
    Also love that Clifford and Virgil honor family members!

    walden thomas william st0ne -
    Agree that Wally is a great nn for Walden. This name is nice too, but I prefer Colton Clifford Virgil.

    avery josephine birdie st0ne -
    This name is okay, I like Josephine and Birdie but Avery just isn't my style.

    rosemary adelaide st0ne -
    This name is stunning! Rosemary is so underused and Rosemary Adelaide is very pretty!

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