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    reactions to names

    my husband doesnt want us telling our familes the names we have picked out. i am having a hard time keeping the secret. but i am afraid his opinionated mom wont like them and wont let us hear the end of it til baby is here. could you please tell me what you think of the names?

    Colton Clifford Virgil St0ne
    i love the name cole, but it doesn't go with st0ne on its own very well. sounds like "cold stone." husband mentioned colton and we both love it. clifford is my grandfather's middle name (who died 8 years ago. it is also the middle name of his father and my father and my father goes by cliff. my father is a third). virgil is one of the middle names of my husband's grandfather. my husband and his grandfather both have two middle names, so we would like to carry on the tradition.

    walden thomas william st0ne
    husband and i both like walden. like wally or walt as nicknames. thomas is my husband's other grandfather's first name and william is my other grandfather's first name. i love both of the middle names, but they are a bit too common to use in the first name spot. a little concerned using walden as a sibling set with colton because their ending is so similar.
    other names my husband and i like are desmond, vernon, and dorian. my husband really likes the "en" ending.

    avery josephine birdie st0ne
    even though it has risen in popularity, i just love the name avery. originally i wanted avery elise st0ne, with birdie as the nickname. both because i associate avery with aviary and secondly because my grandmother's name is huberta and she goes by berta. she hates her name but i think birdie is a really cute form of it. my other grandmother's name was betty jo, so that is where i got josephine from. i think "ava jo" is just about the cutest nickname ever. what do you guys think?

    rosemary adelaide st0ne
    also really love the name rosemary. really hope we have two girls so i can use this name too. there are many family names that i would love to use, but i just love adelaide with rosemary. wish i could think of a cute nickname like ava jo. maybe rosie mae?

    other family names (on my side, i haven't explored my husband's side yet)
    augusta (great-grandmother)
    lillian (great-grandmother)
    virginia (great-great-aunt and really close with my granfather)
    ann (mom's middle name, husband's grandmother's name and husband's other grandmother's middle name)

    we will probably use avery and colton for first daughter and son, respectively. just needed to get some reactions so i can be prepared for my mother-on-law's reaction!


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    I love Avery (it's more than likely going to be our daughter's name, if we have one) and I like Colton as well.

    My name is Rosemary, you had mentioned needing nicknames. My mom found that when I was an infant rocking me and cooing "rosemary" was just too much to say and sounded kind of funny when staring at a little baby, she started calling me Roie and it's stuck. I'd say up until college my nickname among friends was always Roie, now that's I'm getting older it -ie has been removed, in most cases people call me Ro. (My husband still only refers to me as Roie, and occasionally Rosemary) I've always liked it. it's definitely different, I've had a lot of conversations like this
    "What's your name?"
    "Rosemary, but everyone calls me Roie."
    "I'm sorry, what?"
    "No, Roie. R-O-I-E"
    "Oh! That's cute!"
    but I don't mind it, I always loved the uniqueness of my nickname.

    I always hated being called Rosie or Rose, I don't know why. I always associated Rosie with Rosie O'Donnell, haha i grew up in the 90s.

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    PLEASE do not tell your family the names you have chosen beforehand. Once that precious baby arrives, they will love whatever name you have chosen. Telling them beforehand will fill you with regret and doubt. No good will come from it. Tell your family that you are deciding once you see the baby and have not made up your minds (even if that is a white lie). Don't even let them know what your short-list is...words of advice.

    I really love the names you have chosen. Colton's full name is handsome and full of character. Well done. For your girls' names, I love Josephine and vote for this as a first name. My second favourite is Rosemary and then Adelaide. Unfortunately, Avery is a distant fourth. Birdie is a cute name and I like it as a second middle name. Regarding Avery, I think this name lacks substance and historical beauty (does that make sense?). It is very trendy.

    So, just to recap...whatever name you go with, do not tell anyone!

    Best of luck!

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    thank you for responding! let me tell ya'll more about my situation. i am living with my in-laws for the time being (which is why it is so hard not to talk to mil about names since she has been going to all my appts with me) beginning IVF treatment while my husband is in Japan (i will join him once we have a positive!) having been ttc for 2 years and with it being so close now, i am having huge baby name fever with no one to talk to about it!

    thank you for the input! i didnt even think of the nicknames ro or roie. im not a huge fan of romy or rory, but ro is really nice! btw, i am a navy wife too!

    thank you for the careful consideration. i really appreciate you taking the time to process the names! i understand how you feel Avery is not as "established" as the other names and i too am concerned with how well they all would go together. My husband does not love Joesphine which is why i was able to sneak it into the middle name spot, but not the first. i know telling family would be a mistake, but it is so hard to keep it to myself!

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    What fabulous names you have chosen. I love hearing about people honouring family in their choices. Your boys names are gorgeous, they are just perfect.

    I know a few little Avery, Aviana, Ava's. Avery isn't my favourite name, but I like your reasoning, and I think the nn's Ava Jo and Birdie are pretty cute.

    I prefer Rosemary Adelaide to Avery, but my tastes are probably a bit more old-fashioned. Plus Adelaide has always been in my favourites. I love the combo Adelaide Lily. Rosie Mae is pretty cute. I like the nn Roie as navywife suggested.

    Just one question, why do the girls not get two middle names as well?

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