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    Maryjane Elizabeth

    A teenberry author with a healthy obsession of names!
    Casimir Ozias, Mordecai {searching for middle} - Sandrina Noor, Antigone Plum, Cosima Patricia, Desdemona?

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    I dont know if youre into alliteration or not, but my favorite Margot combo is Margot Maeve
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    Love Margot (Marguerite nn Margot is my top contender but I think Margot is perfectly fine on her own too).

    Margot Beatrice and Margot Elizabeth are both gorgeous options. For something shorter but still substancial how about

    Margot Delphine
    Margot Jane
    Margot Eve
    Margot Claire
    Margot Clara
    Margot Edith
    Margot Iris
    Margot Adele
    Margot Mary
    Margot Anne
    Margot Frances
    Margot Alice

    and for a bit of frill (but not too much)

    Margot Isadora
    Margot Juliet
    Margot Amelia
    Margot Phillipa
    Margot Winifred
    Margot Henriette
    Margot Francesca
    Margot Lucinda
    Margot Caroline
    Margot Miriam (love the aliteration here)

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