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    Narrowed down our list!

    So, I posted a thread a while ago about naming our fourth daughter. We have narrowed down our list. I would love opinions and suggestions for alternatives would also be appreciated! Just to refresh everyones memory, we already have 3 daughters named Isabell, Delilah and Piper. Our narrowed down list is:

    Lydia Diane or Grace
    Arianna Noel or Diane
    Aria Noel or Lee
    Georgia Ann or Grace
    Felicity Diane or Amanda
    Allison Noel or Grace
    Harmony Noel
    Karis Noel or Amanda
    Fiona Diane or Grace
    Finley Noel or Amanda

    Lydia, Aria, Arianna and Georgia are my faves. My husband likes Harmony, I am not sure about it because our last name starts with an H, so I think it might be a little much. I am glad we have narrowed it down quite a bit, but I am still feeling overwhelmed!

    Amanda, Diane and Noel are all from my husband's family. Our daughter Piper has a middle name from my family. Georgia is also from his family, so Ann is from mine. Lee actually comes from both families. Grace is just a name that I like. I think it's husband also likes the middle name Camille. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated!

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