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    Exclamation five names for sci-fi story

    I need five first names and (possibly) surnames for my new story.
    It is set 178 years in the future. It follows the lives of five humans who were selected to scout the universe for signs of life.

    1. Female. She is quite short, has platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is 26 years old. She is the medical officer. She is polite, well mannered, intelligent, short tempered and is well organised and tidy. She gets fiercely protective over her 'classics' these classics consist of Doctor Who, Harry Potter etc. She is the middle child. She has a younger sister and older brother. Her parents are happily married and she was born and brought up in England.

    2. Female. She is tall, has vivid red hair and grey eyes. She is 25 years old. She is the science officer. She is playful, reckless, confident and daring. She is also often immature, believes in luck and is optimistic. She often pranks her fellow crew members and if she gets bored she deliberately annoys them. She is the youngest child and has three brothers. Her mother left her when she was four and she was brought up by her father who owned a workshop where he builds and repairs clocks. She was brought up in Seattle.

    3. Male. He is tall, has light brown shaggy hair and light blue eyes. He is 29 years old. He is the pilot. He is reserved, quiet, sincere, soft hearted and kind. He is often reading or drawing. He is protective over is fellow crew members and always tries to make them happy. He is the oldest child and has one younger sister and one younger brother. His parents are divorced and they had split custody. He was brought up in New York.

    4. Male. He is medium height, has dark short hair and dark brown eyes. He is 34. He is the commander. He is sharp witted, intelligent, confident, hardworking, unorganised and honest. He always puts his crew members before himself and is one of the most respected commanders the space unit has to offer. He is the only child and lives with his mother. He never knew his father. He was brought up in Ireland.

    5. Male. He is tall, has black hair and green eyes. He is 22. He is the flight engineer. He is intelligent, awkward, impatient, rational and cautious. He is the youngest member to be accepted in the program and is often underestimated. He is close to his mother and his father died when he was 13. He has a older sister. He was born in France and brought up in Canada.

    Thank you...

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    1. Demi or Valora
    2. Vesper or Lux
    3. Fox
    4. Brock/ Lazaro
    5. Ty/ Thereon

    Last names: Quinn, Langley, Welch, Zeno, Jenson
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    1. Vivian, Lila, Klio, Bryn, Vera

    2. Eve, Evelyn, Nell, Mara

    3. Griffin, Chase, Grayson

    4. Jeb, Ryker, Galt, Walter

    5. Pierre, Alexandre (French spelling), Antoine
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