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    Boy Naming Conundrums

    I'm due in a couple of months with my first boy. From the get go, I've loved the name Henry, though I'm struggling to overcome my objections to its popularity. I got some great alternatives on this board for names that "feel" like Henry, but my husband vetoed them all so far.

    Here's what I need help with, and I realize it's a lot.

    1. Other alternatives to Henry. My husband hates biblical names, which he refers to as "Amish names". In the past, he considered Miles and Theo, but ultimately felt they were too hipster and were likely to be trendy in the next few years.

    2. Kick butt middle names to go with Henry. I would love a good ocean/sea/water inspired name or something that implies strength or something. I was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and I guess I like the idea of a middle name that inspires strength or gratitude. I don't know, I'm an emotional dork right now.

    3. First names that go with Joshua. I despise Henry Joshua, but my husband has a legacy in his family of firstborn sons having their father's first name as a middle name.

    I know it's a lot to ask, I'm just really stumped right now. Thanks so much!
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