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Thread: Sidney and Sky

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    Sidney and Sky

    Lately I've really been in love with Sidney and Sky for boys. Do you think they can work in the US? Do you think they will be perceived as nerdy? A lot of my favorite boys names are very masculine and I don't want Sidney or Sky to stick out among them. I'm also worried that Sky is to nicknamey. Can you think of anything else it could be short for other than Skylar/Skyler/Schuyler? I'm warming to the idea of Skylar but I'm still not sold.

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    I love both of these. My brother's name is a Sidney(w. different spelling) and he wears it very well. He mostly goes by Sid. I really don't see anything nerdy about it. Skylar is okay, but I do like Sky on its own. Of course it's always nice to have a full name to fall back on.
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    Sidney is a HUGE family name for us. SI- for men and SY- for the women. All the Sidney's in my family have either been "rugged" men or very brave (my younger cousin Sid fought cancer at 5 and has the most positive outlook). I don't know why it's listed at a "nerdy" name, I've never met a nerdy Sidney. My room mates cousin Sid is an MMA fighter, definitely not nerdy.
    As far as sky, I could see it work but it is a little "light" for a boys name. I prefer skylar on a girl, but maybe thats because I've never met a little boy skylar.

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