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    I feel like the breakup between Samuel John Gaspard flows a little better. I think the first middle name should be the one you like better regardless of flow. Most of the time the second gets knocked out. You should also write it out on paper like it was his signature. An example is Samuel John G. or Samuel Gaspard J. I know in my signature I make my middle just my initial so Samuel J.G. or Samuel G.J. also could be an example. I think writing it out might help get a mindset of what could be easier for him or maybe more fun to write. I'm also wondering what happened with Fitzwilliam, is it out officially?
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    I actually prefer the flow of Samuel Gaspard John, over the other combo. With John in the middle it feels choppier, IMO. I think my pron. is juuuuust slightly different than yours (SAM-yule Gass-PAHR John, without the -d sound on Gaspard) but yours is probably right.
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    Oooh yes yes yes. Samuel John Gaspard is very distinguished. I much prefer the name in this order, as you linger on beautiful Gaspard. Also, to build on Babyninja's point: I like the look of Samuel J.G. rather than Samuel G.J. In the former, the curve of the J hugs to Samuel and the open mouth of the G leads you forth into the last name, whereas in the latter the GJ becomes a contained set of brackets. Fussy? Who me?

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    lol, @ottilie and @renrose, how do you say Samuel? It confuses my brain to try and say it any other way.
    Ok, I agree..this is the only pronunciation I've ever heard! Any other way sounds forced?

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    lol, Emma, I do like the look of Samuel J., especially in cursive. What a handsome signature that would be! Although now that I'm seeing Samuel J.G. [surname]--I can't help but sing "J. G. Wentworth, 877-CASH-NOW!" Please tell me I'm the only one that thought of that! Let's just hope I don't marry a Mr. Wentworth! (Although the Jane Austen addict in me would secretly love it--Persuasion is my favorite of her works!)

    @cortin - The only other way I can think of is SAM-yoo-uhl or SAM-yoo-el--I think I remember one of my British friends saying she used to teach a little boy whose mother insisted he was only ever to be SAM-yoo-el, three syllables. It always seemed way too forced for me, though--sort of like saying EV-er-ett, I just can't do it! It's EV-rhett!

    @greyer - meh, it could be yours, as well. I just barely pronounce the "D" on the end. I just looked it up on forvo, as my French isn't exactly up to par, and it sounded almost like GAS-pahr. Sort of closer to Caspar? Which would mean Samuel Gaspard John might actually flow better! Urgh, and just when I was seeing the merit of Samuel John Gaspard!
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