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Thread: Dragon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    How would I react? I'd probably have a hard time not laughing out loud.

    I don't know which would be worse:

    1. a scrawny boy named dragon
    2. a chunky boy named dragon
    3. a mean boy named dragon
    4. a nice boy named dragon

    all are bad, though. I'd feel terrible for him.

    Also, not sure which would be worse for him:

    1. teasing
    2. problems with government/jobs/companies not believing that's truly his name
    3. waiting until he was old enough to be able to change it
    4. looking his parents in the eye once he realizes what his name really means and how people react to it.
    All of this, especially the trying to not laugh out loud part.
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    Ok, I'm completely in the minority (again). I'd assume he was East Asian, and if so I wouldn't think twice. The dragon is considered quite manly and lucky on this side of the (other) pond. So, I actually know a Chinese-American boy named Michael Dragon, because he was born in the year of the dragon... which is quite auspicious.

    I'd roll my eyes if I met a girl named Dragon or a boy named Phoenix. Since these are words completely central to Chinese culture (the culture of 20% of the world's population), I'd pity the child. After all, with globalization it's only a matter of time until he's introducing himself to a meeting room full of Chinese businessmen as Phoenix (or her as Dragon)... which would honestly be one of the most humiliating experiences I can think of. To me, it would feel like a man insisting his name was Coco or a woman named Butch... but maybe even worse.

    So, if the boy was of East Asian descent (or maybe even not), I wouldn't think it was all of that strange... Now boys running around named Phoenix... that's weird (but then again, I live in China). However, to each their own... I've heard so many worse names from students lately (Dick, Enn, Red Star, Success, Pirate, Celery, Seven, etc.) that I may just be numb...
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    I think of Dragon Lankford from House of Night. He can pull that name off, most boys cannot.

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    I once worked with somebody named Dragon, he was Eastern European and he pronounced it something like drah-gahn.
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    I would probably initially think "That poor child". But then ask the parents how they came up with the name. Maybe there was a really cool story to it.

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