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    Sister for Edith Anna

    We are expecting a sister for my 11month old daughter Edith Anna (nn Edie) & are really struggling to decide on a name. I'm currently 32w so getting quite close!

    We're English & surname is two syllable starting with A. Middle name will probably be Alice (family name along with Anna, though I am open to suggestions).

    I know some Americans don't like Edith due to a character known as Edith Bunker? but it's very cool in the UK at the moment & has quite strong but elegant associations. I'd therefore like another 'old lady' strong but elegant name to match. Current ideas are give below but we are open to suggestions!


    Thank you xx

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    This is easy for me, lol. My great granny was an Edith Ann! Her sisters were Grace Anastasia (Nancy), Mary-Ann Celia (Cissy), Eva Mary Millicent (my avatar), Ellen and Mary Agnes.

    Her daughter was also an Edith Ann and her sisters were called Muriel Frances, Eileen Alma and Marion Frances.

    Lots of 'old lady' names!

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    Edith Anna is a GORGEOUS name. I really like Beatrice, as well, but think it might be a little too long/frilly to go with Edith. Mabel goes really well with Edith.

    Marla might be one of my top choices as a sister to Edith. It doesn't flow all that well with Alice, though, and and A ending might not be what you're looking for with an A- last name.

    Edith & Felicity
    Edith & Margot
    Edith & June
    Edith & Lillian
    Edith & Maeve
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    I really like Nancy but DH isn't keen! Lovely to see all those older names though.

    I love Beatrice think nn Bea is cute too. Mabel is another favourite but DH not keen on Mae or Belle as nn.

    I likd your suggestion of Margot too! Xx

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