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    Four-Child Baby Name Game!

    It's the same type of baby name game, but by me finally!

    Child 1:
    Do you have a pet?
    Yes: Boy No: Girl

    FN:What color are your eyes?
    Blue: Jefferson(M) / Cassidy(F)
    Brown: Jack(M) / Courtney(F)
    Green: Vince(M) / Haley(F)
    Other: Rodrigue(M) / Marie(F)

    MN:What color is your hair?
    Brunette: Archer(M) / Ave(F)
    Blonde: Hayes(M) / Virginia(F)
    Red: Sanford(M) / Yolanda(F)
    Other: Griffith(M) / Cosette(F)

    Child 2:
    Do you have a sibling?
    Yes: Girl No: Boy

    FN: What country do you live in?
    USA: Dale(M) / Aubrey(F)
    United Kingdom: Rob(M) / Dalia(F)
    Canada: Willis(M) / Kaitlyn(F)
    Other: Wyatt(M) / Delaney(F)

    MN: What's your favorite genre?
    Mystery: Francis(M) / Eloise(F)
    Romance: Joshua(M) / Christine(F)
    Sci-Fi: Michael(M) / Lourdes(F)
    Other: Romaine(M) / Jane(F)

    Child 3: Are you a girl or a boy?
    Girl: Girl Boy: Boy

    FN: What's your dream trip?
    Cruise: Lee(M) / Georgia(F)
    Hawaii: Chad(M) / Ella(F)
    Figi: Jacob(M) / Liliana(F)
    Other: Jeffrey(M) / Emerson(F)

    MN: What sport do you play?
    Volleyball: Smith(M) / Rose(F)
    Cheer: Kaden(M) / Maddie(F)
    Soccer: Joseph(M) / Kate(F)
    Other: Trevor(M) / Caroline(F)

    Child 4: Are you older or younger than 18 years old?
    Older (or at 18): Boy Younger: Girl

    FN: What's your favorite color?
    Green: Isaiah(M) / Reinette(F)
    Purple: Haynes(M) / Penny(F)
    Blue: Samuel(M) / Zae(F)
    Other: Marc(M) / Abby(F)

    MN: What kind of top are you wearing?
    T-Shirt: Christian(M) / Emmeline(F)
    Dress Shirt: Nate(M) / Tiffany(F)
    Tank Top: Daniel(M) / Bea(F)
    Other: Phil(M) / Gabriella(F)

    Mine are in my fave names, duh!
    -Lili (Liliana) Lourdes - b. 3/22/02-

    My Current Favorites:

    Boys: Jacob Daniel, Garrett Nicholas, Griffith Dale, Henry Sebastian, Jackson Lee

    Girls: Savannah Elliott, Carolina Adelaide, Charlotte Anneliese, Georgia Eloise, Reinette Emmeline

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    An 12-year-old name lover!

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