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    I was in the hospital for 3 days and once I left the hospital I stupidly thought I could wait until the next morning to get my pain med script filled, and I was in a lot of pain that first night. Advil wouldn't touch it.
    Totally agree with this. Take all the meds they prescribe you for as long as they tell you to. I felt pretty good the first night home and tried to be brave and go for longer stretches without the Percocet and it just isn't worth it. Advil really does not help a bit on it's own. As long as you don't move too quickly, or lift anything aside from Baby, or exert yourself more than you absolutely have to you should be fine. I definitely felt more comfortable when I was walking in the days afterward but I had to really make sure to not get carried away with it and still rest enough.

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    I found I had to sleep on my back (couldn't manage my sides) for a few weeks. That was hard for me, I'd so been looking forward to being able to sleep on my tummy again!
    This as well! I normally sleep on my stomach too so it was such a disappointment to not be able to flop down and relax lol. My bed is so high I couldn't even climb into it for the first 2 weeks or so. I slept on my back on the couch propped up on as many pillows as I could stand. The gas too, make sure to stock up on gas relief and stool softeners. I was totally unprepared for how necessary those would be, though I never had any trouble eating afterward.

    Nightgowns, dresses and robes will be your best friends! I wanted anything with a waistband as far away from my incision as possible. Congrats! =]
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    These are some great tips!!
    I've never been told anything about gas. But i'm glad you girls told me!! I will definitely stock up on some stuff in the next few days.
    I've got my robe and oversized tees ready. I'm hoping my undies wont bother me, but they are pretty lowrise for the most part....
    Sounds like I wont be out of commission for as long as I thought, which is nice to hear. I'm very much looking forward to going out and enjoying a nice sushi dinner after this is all over. It's what i've missed most of all these past 9 months! That, and wine!

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