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    Last meal and other preparations

    So I was wondering what those of you who had planned cesareans or inductions had as your "last meal" before going into the hospital?
    And what kind of home preparations you did, especially before c-section.

    I had a giant italian feast the night before going in for my induction. And this time around, we're planning a fun tapas filled night at one of our favorite restaurants.
    But i've read that those knowing they were going in for cesareans avoided certain foods like those that take longer to digest... So if that's the case, I may rethink my choice of meals.

    I'll be having a c-section this time. And I was curious to know if any of you had any tips for preparing the home during recovery. I've been told that stairs are your worst enemy, so since there is a giant staircase leading up to our home, I figure i'm going to be locked away for a bit. Just wondering how I can make my life (and my SO's life) a bit easier during the transition.
    I'm a neat freak, so i'm already planning on making sure the house is spotless, and that the fridge is stocked. But are there any other suggestions from you experienced ones out there?
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