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    Alternate spellings

    My husband and I are TTC so we have naturally begun discussing names. In the blog, I recently came across the name Boman and we both like it a lot! The more common spelling, I imagine, would be Bowman as in the surname but I'm curious as no all of your preferences on the matter.

    Boman or Bowman? And why?


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    BOWMAN. In all caps, no less. I absolutely love this name; it's a great alternative to Archer, and it's on my long list. I pronounce Boman like roamin', whereas Bowman is, well, BOW-man.
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    Yeah. This really needs the 'w' to work. I'd read it as 'bomm-an' otherwise.

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    Bowman. Boman is just too similar to Roman/Ramon/etc., for me.
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    It just needs the "W" - without the "W", its just confusing. Use Bo as a nickname if you want but please keep the W.

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