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    I just delete my list :-(
    I will try to make another, to be one I haven't think about evangelichow the middle names flow well with the first names
    So I will keep
    Isabella Marie
    Aveline with something else as a middle name
    Alice Evangeline
    Anastasia Rose
    Rosalind ???
    Annabel Wren
    Melisande Fleur
    Thanks again for your comments, you help me a lot :-) other suggestions of names are also welcome because right now I am stuck

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    I agree. Try saying your names out loud, see how well they flow. Names with different syllables often pair better together, and try and keep a gage on styles - sometimes classics can balance quirky and sometimes it looks odd.

    Persephone Anne - Persephone's too frilly for my tastes, and Anne just feels bland and filler. They don't pair at all together.
    Hazel November Iris - Hazel I've never been keen on either, and with Iris in a combo is too much. I don't like month names much either - Hazel ___ Irene might be better than Iris
    Charlotte Grace - I like this, but Grace is a bit predictable in the middle - Charlotte is the sort of name you could use something a bit quirky in the middle for.
    Saskia Adelheild - Nice enough names, but not together.
    Juniper Eve - I like Eve, Juniper I'm indifferent on but it works.
    Indigo Belle - Agree that it sounds cartoonish, two word names together. Indigo Charlotte, maybe, or Saskia Belle would work better
    Lyric Josephine - I don't like Lyric at all. Josephine's nice.
    Story - What you read in a book.
    Eva Madeleine - Gorgeous, I love both names, and they work brilliantly. Use this as a basis for your future combos - style, length, flow.
    Aveline Belle - Not keen on Aveline, and Belle's a bit bland in the middle.
    Hadley Jane - Alright but predictable. Hadley Josephine might spark it up a bit more.

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    I mean : to be honest I haven't think about how !
    Stupid phone:-)

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    Isabella Marie - Love the mn Marie, however, Isabella seems super popular/trendy right now. Have you considered Isadora?
    Annabelle Wren- Love this combo. Annabelle is very beautiful and I like that you picked a spunky middle!
    Rosalind Ella- Love Rosalind and love Ella but not together, maybe Rosalind with something like Alice or Eleanor?
    Alice Evangeline- Pretty!
    Arabella Snow- Love Arabella and it sounds pretty with Snow, Snow just isn't my style at all!
    Juliet Noelle - Gorgeous!
    Amabel Esme - Both sounds are very simliar
    Melisande Fleur- Pretty to look at, might be an issue for people to say
    Anastasia Rose- Gorgeous!
    Winter Sophie- No
    Rowan Jane- I am not a fan of boy names being used for girls, so I would say no
    Primrose Victoria- Cute
    Ondine Juliet
    Arya Winter Rose
    Amelie Lovely Imogen or Amelie Winter Pearl
    Emilia Lauren
    Genevieve Rose

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